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Identa-A-Cat Program

In an effort to improve the “return to owner” rate for cats that are allowed to roam outdoors, the Sarnia & District Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is initiating a program which we are calling the SPCA IDENTA CAT Program.

It is a longstanding concern that  many cats are found straying without identification that would allow owners to be notified if their pets are found by citizens or Animal Control. In response, the SPCA Board of Directors has allocated funds for a special campaign to issue collars and tags to cat owners.

How the program will work:

  • The distinctive, cat-shaped tags are individually numbered so that each cat will be linked to a number. The collars are of a “stretchable” type so there is little or no danger of the cat being caught in fences, etc. There is also a reflective strip on the collar that makes it very visible at night.
  • Cat owners receiving these collars and tags will be asked to fill out a form listing their name, address, phone number and brief description of the cat.
  • The information from these forms will be entered into a computer database  that will be maintained at the Society’s shelter in Sarnia. The overall database will be kept confidential at the shelter and will not be released to any other agency for use.
  • Anyone finding a cat with a Society tag will be able to call the shelter during regular hours to locate the owner.
  • Owners of missing cats will be able to report their tag number to the shelter. This will assist in watching for the pet, as it is very difficult to identify cats by only a physical description.
  • It will be up to owners to keep the information in the database up to date if their address or phone number change, or if the collar is used on a different cat than the one for which the tag was originally issued.

The purpose of the program is to encourage owners to realize they can do something to help the Society and Animal Control return their pets if they stray. Once the funds allotted for this special introductory campaign are used up, the IDENTA CAT program will continue with a fee that will recover the Society’s costs for the collars and tags.

During the introductory campaign, collars and tags will be available at:

Veterinary Clinics in Sarnia-Lambton Sarnia & District SPCA shelter at 131 Exmouth St., Sarnia

The Society realizes there are some limitations to this type of program because the tags can only be checked during shelter hours. Possibly the ultimate in identity technology is that supplied through “Pet Net.” In that system, a microchip placed under the animal’s skin can be scanned by an instrument that reads the number of the chip. There is a 24-hour toll-free phone number that can be called to find the animal’s owner, provided the owner’s information has been kept up to date. These microchips are available for implant at veterinary clinics for a fee. Much of the cost of microchipping is for maintenance of the database and the 24-hour call service. It has been suggested that the Society should microchip all animals that are adopted from the shelter. However, the added costs would make our adoption fee higher.

Cat owners are still advised that the best protection for their pet is to make it an “inside cat” if possible. Since we know that many people are resistant to keeping their cats indoors all the time and there is no licensing bylaw for cats in our area, we considerIDENTA CAT to be a beginning, at least, to help avoid the problem of having no way to trace stray cats.

We applaud those owners who have elected to keep their cats indoors or to only let them out supervised on a leash.

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