Become A Volunteer

Thank you for considering becoming a volunteer with the Sarnia & District Humane Society. In joining our organization, you make an active commitment to applying your skills, interest and time toward helping the animals that need it most.

Adult Volunteers:

Adults 18+ can fill in one of our General Volunteer Application Form and bring it to the shelter. Once the Application is brought in, we will give you a sheet that you can use to acquire a police check. Once these steps are completed and returned for review, a Humane Society representative will contact you for an interview and orientation. Successful applicants can start volunteering once this process is complete.

The Sarnia and District Humane Society relies on volunteers to support the animals in many ways:

  1. Volunteer Dog Walkers:
    Just what it sounds like! The dogs in our care need time out of the dog walkingkennels to get exercise and some much needed socialization and affection. The dogs benefit physically and emotionally, ultimately making them more adoptable. Dog Walkers also play an important role in identifying dog traits, behaviours and personalities to the shelter staff so they can better match the dogs to prospective adoptive families. They are true Heroes for our dogs.
  2. Volunteer Cat Groomers: Much like the Dog Walkers, the Cat Groomers provide the shelter cats with much needed love and attention to keep them healthy and to improve their overall well being. These Cat Heroes are true life savers!
  3. Special Events and Fundraising: We have a fun event schedule that requires the support of volunteers for planning and execution. From weekend Adopt-a-thons to Dog Washes, volunteers help make our events happen! If you are interested in helping with our fundraising efforts, indicate your interest on your application, and we can see how best to get you involved.

Download our General Volunteer Application Form

Student Volunteers:

For students looking for community service hours, the same steps as above are required; however, a police check is not if you are under the age of 18. You must be 18 or older to work directly with animals, but we do have other areas that student volunteers could help with. Students interested in volunteering are welcome to fill out the Student Volunteer Application Form and bring it to the shelter. We periodically arrange student orientations and we will call you when the next one is booked.

Download our Student Volunteer Application Form

Youth Volunteers:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept student volunteers under the age of 14, however, there are always lots of other ways you can help. Check out the Kids Corner page for options!


EMAILED TO: Donna Pyette, Shelter Manager