Spay / Neuter

Don’t Litter – Spay or Neuter

Every year thousands of animals must be euthanized because they are unhealthy, born into poor conditions and not cared for properly or because there are no homes for them.
You can help! Be a responsible pet owner! Spay and neuter your pets. Contact a veterinarian for professional advice – the sooner the better. Your veterinarian can fully explain spay and neuter procedures to you and discuss the best age at which to sterilize your pet.
The Sarnia & District Humane Society is doing its part to ensure that all of the animals adopted from the shelter are spayed and neutered. We have enhanced our service to our customers and improved the quality of life of animals in our City by including the following in our adoption program: the cost of spaying/neutering your new pet, a Microchip and initial vaccinations.

What does pet overpopulation have to do with me?
Everything. If your pet has one litter, even if you find homes for most of the pups and kittens, in one year, all the pups or kittens could have litters of their own. Millions of dollars are spent annually to care for lost, abandoned and unwanted pets…and millions more destroy those that do not find homes. Health and safety are threatened by rabies, dog bites, cat scratches and traffic accidents.  Property may be damaged when dogs run “wild” or in packs. Yards and walkways can be fouled with urine and feces.

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering
Besides drastically reducing the possibility of various medical problems occurring, spaying or neutering your pet has a variety of benefits such as:

  • reducing the tendency in male cats and dogs to roam, and makes them easier to train
  • eliminating the inconvenience of the heat cycle in female dogs and cats
  • better health in both male and female dogs and cats
  • eliminating spraying in most male cats
  • easier training, happier pets
  • qualifying your pet for a reduced municipal license fee in Sarnia

So please don’t litter — Fix your critter!

For more health tips for your pet  see our Pet Health section for this and other pet health information.

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