Municipal Licenses

Each Municipality has its own by-laws concerning animals and animal licensing. Contact the municipality in which the animal will reside for more information.

The Sarnia & District Humane Society sells Municipal Dog Licenses on behalf of the City of Sarnia year round. Currently, only dogs are required to have a license. Go to the City of Sarnia’s website for up to date information about licenses and other municipal by law information.



Dog owners are required to obtain a licence annually, on or by January 31st, for any dog over the age of 6 months.

The licence fee is established by Council. Owners are required to produce evidence that the animal has been immunized against rabies, and in order to qualify for the reduced fee for a neutered animal, the owner must produce a veterinary certificate to show that the dog has been neutered. No dog may be licensed unless the owner produces at the time of application for a licence, a valid certificate of a veterinary surgeon that the dog has been immunized against rabies.

With regard to unlicensed dogs, the Animal Control Officer may be required to lay charges against a dog owner by way of a summons, if the dog remains unlicensed after January 31st, or issue a Provincial Offence ticket.

2018 Dog Licence Fees:
Until March 31, 2018
Altered male or female – $36
Unaltered male or female – $82

After March 31, 2018
Altered male or female – $62
Unaltered male or female – $110.00

Dog tags can be purchased at Sarnia and area veterinarians until March 31 of each year.  April 1st all tags can only be purchased at the Humane Society at 131 Exmouth Street and the City Clerk’s Office.