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Help From Home

Ways you and your family can be

kind to animals all year long:

  • Teach your friends about the importance of being kind to animals
  • Never tolerate animal cruelty; report suspected cruelty to the authorities, please do not   take matters into your own hand
  • Adopt a shelter pet
  • Spay or neuter your pets and encourage friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances to do the same
  • Keep pets’ vaccinations current and visit your veterinarian regularly
  • Identify your pets with visible ID tags on their collars
  • Talk to your vet about microchipping your pet
  • Appreciate wildlife and learn more about it; but please don’t approach wild animals or attempt to rescue them – contact the authorities
  • Invite a humane educator to your child’s classroom
  • Leave room for wildlife habitats in your own yard by providing birds with feeders and a bird bath; put out appropriate squirrel food
  • Make your own bird or bat house
  • Instill compassion in your children by demonstrating kindness and using positive training methods for your pets
  • Recycle anything that you can to create a clean environment for people and animals
  • Donate to your local animal shelter.  You can donate cash, an item, or your time
  • Cut apart the plastic rings from six packs so they cannot be a danger to wildlife
  • Clean up spills of antifreeze or other toxins
  • Use animal / environmentally friendly gardening techniques