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Community engagement and education are key aspects of achieving the mission of the Humane Society. The challenges that face animals in our community can not be overcome without the community’s involvement. In order to reach out to the community the Sarnia & District Humane Society welcomes invitations to speak to groups or to provide information sessions at the shelter. Teachers and school administrators are welcome to contact the Humane Society at 519-344-7064to inquire about school tours and speaking engagements.

In the connected digital world, avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletters and this website are becoming the primary avenues for disseminating the key messages surrounding responsible pet ownership, bite avoidance, pet population balance and pet heath and safety issues. “Like” our Facebook page and stay up to date with current issues and fun events in support of the Humane Society. Sign up for our e-newsletter. And check out the “Information and Resources” page for helpful tips and other resources to get educated. And once you know- spread the word! Community issues require community responses!